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How Much Do I Need to Drink?

There is no "magical" number of ounces, glasses, liters or gallons a person needs to drink. The actual amount needed to drink depends on body type, exercise level, the food eaten, the exercise environment, or even giving blood. The body functions best when it is well hydrated.

Being well hydrated protects our bodies from a variety of physical difficulties (kidney stones, diabetes, and possibly other vascular diseases). It helps our body maintain a level of equilibrium and proper function.

But I'm Not Thirsty

The body may not be indicating thirst, but that does not mean that it may be lacking in fluids. When you sense thirst, you already have lost 1-2% of body weight This places the body in a state of mild hydration. This can easily be remedied by having a non-alcoholic beverage.


The research has been done and is accepted in print. Caffeinated beverages do not dehydrate you when you consume them in moderation. That’s 4-5 eight (8) oz cups of coffee, tea, or soda per day. Remember any fluids ingested will help cells become hydrated, including juice, iced tea, or soda.


Many advertisements try to sell everyone on the idea that their fluid, invention, or gizmo is the best and the only way that a body can be hydrated or tested. Human Hydration is not concerned with only one product or fluid to hydrate the body. We promote drinking fluids, preferably non-alcoholic, to rehydrate your body. We are concerned with telling everyone to DRINK.