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April Mershon


April J. Mershon, MA, BS, AD, has over 25 years experience studying hydration, and it’s effects on the body. She has collaborated on numerous research projects, including being a part of the initial development of the Urine Color Chart. In addition she has attended numerous conferences on exercise physilology.

Ms. Mershon purchased Human Hydration, LLC, in July 2015. Her goal is to see that the company aids in the education of hydration of all peoples in the world. She has the company based in Hampton, VA. She enjoys discussing hydration, it’s myths, and proper drinking habits. She is working on starting a blog on hydration. Stay tuned for more information on this blog shortly.

Dr. ArmstrongLawrence E. Armstrong, Ph.D. is presently a Professor at the Human Performance Laboratory, at the University of Connecticut . Formerly, he served as a Research Physiologist in the Heat Research Division of the Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Natick, MA (1983 – 1990). His doctoral degree in Human Bioenergetics was earned at the Human Performance Laboratory, Ball State University, Muncie IN (1980 – 1983).

Professor Armstrong’s research specialties include human fluid and electrolyte balance, effects of mild dehydration on cognitive performance including mood, measurement of hydration status, thermoregulation, heat acclimatization, physiological responses to exercise, and dietary intervention (i.e., low salt diets, sport drinks), as they apply to sport and labor in hot environments. His field studies have focused on fluid-electrolyte balance in tennis players (Miami, FL), effects of diuretic-induced dehydration on running performance (Muncie, IN and Storrs, CT), heat exhaustion among soldiers (Panama), heat stress monitors (Australia), fluid and nutritional status of endurance cyclists (Wichita Falls, Texas), casualty rates at the Boston Marathon (Massachusetts), and cooling of heatstroke patients after a mass participation road race (Marine Corps Marathon, Washington, D.C. and Falmouth Road Race, MA).